Security Window Film

Protect people and property with a retrofit installation of safety and security window film.

Safety & Security Window Film

When it comes to warding-off theft and vandalism, anti-smash and grab window film is an economical solution for vulnerable points of entry, such as ground-level windows, door glass, and retail storefronts.

Anti-Smash and Grab Window Film

Available in many thicknesses, security films are installed on the interior of existing window and door glass, creating a ‘clear shield’ barrier to intruders and the elements.

Appropriate for home, campus, and business applications, security window films help prevent smash-and-grab robbery and forced entry into buildings and homes.

Mitigate hazards from shattered glass while holding windows and doors in place. In turn, these measures can significantly deter unwarranted entry, stolen products, and further harm to the premise or its occupants.

  • Available in thicknesses from 2 – 23 mil 
  • Solar control and tinted versions are available 
  • Block 99% of the sun’s UV rays
  • Storefronts, schools, basements, garage 
  • Lifetime residential & 15-year commercial warranties 

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