Wood & Stone Fusion

Gain an expensive look and feel without the high cost and waste of full replacement. Fuse your tired surfaces with warm wood or modern stone adhesive films to bring life back to your interiors.

Wood Architectural Vinyl

Inspired by timber species, CoolVu’s wood fusion series reveals the charm of your rooms, giving them a warm, natural touch. A deep and realistic oak, beech or teak look is achieved in minutes with our professional installation.

Placed elegantly in strategic nooks, such as a bookshelf, tabletop or an inset closet door, your friends and colleagues will envy such an exotic look and feel.

Natural Stone Surface Film

There is nothing trendier and more timeless as a natural stone finish for the interior of your residence or workplace. Give new life to old surfaces by fusing any one of our decorative stone architectural vinyl films seamlessly onto existing, outdated counters, bar tops, islands and more.

  • Natural look & feel
  • Indistinguishable from the real thing
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No maintenance, durable & scratch resistant
  • Doors, cabinets, counters, tabletops, walls, ceilings

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Google Rating
Based on 737 reviews
Google Rating
Based on 737 reviews