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Looking for smart window film, smart film for windows or smart glass film?

Smart Window Film

Taking the idea of smart glass to the next level, CoolVu “switchable” liquid crystal film technology is defining the next generation of dynamic privacy and projection glass.

Smart Glass Film for Windows

CoolVu smart film technology alters the amount of light transmitted through glass when triggered by an electrical current. This thin film’ liquid crystal’ technology can appear opaque, translucent, or transparent on command. 

In the “on state’, the glass film will appear clear. Once power is removed, the film reverts to an opaque state allowing for 100% privacy on demand. As an added benefit, the smart film can be used as a projection screen, allowing presenters, promoters, and brand managers a unique new method to capture attention. 

  • Privacy on demand
  • Projectable 
  • Dynamic light control 
  • Retail, hospitals, conference rooms, hospitality

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