Transitional Window Film

CoolVu Transitional leads the charge in fully adaptive architectural window films, blocking harmful UV rays, solar heat, and glare while simultaneously enhancing daytime privacy.

Transitional Window Film

Adaptive to the amount of sunlight on glass, CoolVu Transitional window films are made using a proprietary manufacturing process resulting in the world’s only “stable photochromic,” light-sensitive film technology. Now you can enjoy clear windows when wanted and slightly tinted glass when needed.

Transitional = Managed Sun Control

CoolVu photochromic window films adapt to the intensity of sunlight on your window and door glass. CoolVu “transitions” from a lighter state to a darker, tinted state when exposed to direct sun. The patented photochromic molecular structure of CoolVu is the world’s first stable climate-responsive window film.

80% IR Heat Control = Increased Comfort & Lower Energy Bills

CoolVu Transitional window films are composed of advanced ceramics that function as impressive solar heat blockers. These spectrally selective ceramic coatings are ‘tuned’ to stop over 80% of the infrared (IR) heat gain through glass. With CoolVu installed, homes and buildings no longer suffer temperature imbalances.

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