Anti Microbial Films

Innovative film technology for continuously self-cleaning surfaces in high-traffic and high-contact environments.

Clear, Protective Anti-Microbial Films

With anti-microbial films, facilities like airports, hotels, schools, and hospitals can create a cleaner environment that provides a noticeable feeling of safety and security for guests and employees.

High-Traffic Surface Applied

Safe to the touch, these easy-to-install wellness products are designed as “skins” that wrap and cover dirty, high-traffic areas, like door handles and airport TSA bins. When applied, these skins provide continuous self-cleaning surfaces that help prevent the spread of bacteria, fungi, mildew, and other harmful substances.

  • Proven silver ion technology 
  • Virtually invisible and semi-permanent 
  • Scratch-resistant and UV protected 
  • Retail, campus, transit, hospital, and municipalities

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