Architectural Graphics & Prints

Interior walls, storefront windows, campus skyways, and lobby glass are great opportunities to share your story with the world.

Window & Wall Art

CoolVu can take any photograph, logo, or image file and convert it into a printable film to be applied on walls, floors, ceilings, or glass surfaces, enhancing the space around your home or business.

Professional Design & Digital Printing

CoolVu utilizes the highest quality substrates and printers available. Our in-house design services help you express your unique style taking your message to the next level.

Leverage the window and door glass at your property as a billboard for your services and share your story in bold, impressive ways.

  • Turnkey design, production & installation
  • Promote your brand story
  • Leverage windows and door glass
  • Apply on wide range of surfaces
  • Home or business use
  • Strong warranty programs

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