Decorative Metal

Surface applied decorative metallic films are a great complement to finish off interiors with a cutting, modern edge.

Metal Adhesive Film

Consider carbon fiber, rust or an aluminum effect for your surface.

Give your interior a silvery or golden touch as an element to drive home strong design aims. Modernize any interior space.

In décor, the metal effect is a safe bet when it is applied tastefully and with purpose.

Metallic Finish Selections

When working with CoolVu, you can depend on us to advise and support you in your projects from design through installation.

We provide samples and mockups as needed so you can experience the materials prior to full mobilization.

  • Brushed metal textured
  • Solid metal finish
  • Matte & ‘high-shine’ gloss
  • Formable industrial décor
  • Elevator cabs, bars, accent trim, tabletops, counters

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Google Rating
Based on 737 reviews