Wall Murals & Graphics

For residential, commercial, and campus facilities, every walled surface can tell your story through the installation of custom printed wall murals.

Printed Wall Art  

Murals have been an important communication tool since the beginning of time. Communicate from the political to the passionate with ease using CoolVu’s turnkey design, print, and install services.

Homeowners love the versatility of CoolVu’s printable graphics and wallpaper to quickly transform rooms into an expression of their personality and unique style. Perfect for decorating your kid’s rooms and designed to remove and refresh when tastes mature over time easily.

Digital “Wallscapes”

It’s never been easier to create impressive-looking logos, environmental graphics, political messaging, hero-walls, and more with the installation of custom printed and installed mural solutions from CoolVu.

  • Communicate through graphic design
  • Renovate walls & surfaces with purpose
  • Show support for political, environmental, & social issues
  • Celebrate your athlete’s accomplishments
  • Engage students, activists & community leadership

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