Dichroic Glass Finishes

Dichroic glass film mimics a multi-colored glass that has reflective properties, creating a kaleidoscope reflection of colors when it is hit with light and viewed from different angles.

Color Shifting Glass Films

Seeing is believing with this amazing glass film technology. This specially crafted thin-film material is produced by stacking films with microlayers of exotic materials that refract and redirect light in brilliant, colorful ways.

Brilliant Glass Effects

Turn ordinary glass into an extraordinary piece of art with dichroic films installed by CoolVu.

Design-build professionals look to use dichroic glass films to create unique environments for their clients.

Architects and interior designers love the dynamic way the film and glass combo change colors as the viewing angle varies.

Dichroic samples are available for review from the professionals at CoolVu upon request.

  • Color shifting glass film
  • Cool & warm dynamic glass tones
  • Dramatically less expensive than dichroic glass
  • Durable ‘flex’ polyester material
  • Office conference rooms, exterior vision glass, handrails, partitions

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