Anti-Graffiti Films

A clear sacrificial film layer protects glass and surfaces of all types from wear and tear damage and vandals.

Anti-Graffiti Surface Protection

As one of the most proven and cost-effective ways to mitigate graffiti damage, anti-graffiti film is a powerful way to discourage vandals and clean-up tagging from windows and other surfaces. Nearly invisible after being installed, the anti-graffiti film is not only a deterrent against vandalism, but it also reduces and even eliminates the need for costly glass replacement. With CoolVu’s anti-graffiti film in place, the expense of replacing glass or repairing gouges and scratching can be significantly mitigated.

Clear Sacrificial Film Benefits

For retailers and commercial applications, CoolVu anti-graffiti window film provides much-needed resilience against vandals in more ways than one. From warding off etched gouging to protecting glass surfaces from all forms of graffiti, not all anti-graffiti films are created equally. Anti-graffiti film also provides sun control features and rejects 99% of the UV rays that cause fading. For retailers, this can help extend the life of display merchandise and furnishing.

  • Clear protective coating
  • Semi-permanent and sacrificial
  • Defeats tagging and acid etching
  • Residue-free removability when needed
  • 99% UV stabilized window film; you can have the privacy of an even what’s going on outside.

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