Help people find their way with wayfinding graphic packages from CoolVu.

Directional Signage

Wayfinding graphic signage articulates destinations using design elements like symbols or color schemes to guide visitors through a building’s space effectively. Utilize walls, floors, and other surfaces to help identify what people are looking for with minimal frustration using wayfinding graphics from CoolVu. Wayfinding systems help people navigate complex urban centers, healthcare, and educational campuses as well as transportation facilities.

Wayfinding as a Guide

Maintain your visitor’s peace of mind with wayfinding graphics from CoolVu. A person’s sense of identity can be lost when they are unable to find themselves in a familiar place. 

Effective means for proper orientation through signage should always exist within building design. This application will allow people to access desired destinations without difficulty. CoolVu can assist in designing wayfinding packages that work 24/7/365 to minimize the potential for frustrated guests in your building. 

  • Use walls, windows, and floors to guide visitors
  • Colors and symbols help visitors navigate your building
  • Permanent and temporary solutions are available 
  • Hospital, campus, transport hubs, and government buildings 

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