Leather Textured Vinyl

Renovate and refresh any flat surface with impressive ‘peel, form and stick’ leather-like surface vinyl available from CoolVu.

Real Leather Look & Feel

The look and feel of real leather without the drawbacks of negative animal effects, the opportunity to update your space economically is endless with these life-like textured films. Nine unique products make up the leather range so you can renovate with wide options all along knowing no animals were harmed during your creative process.

Wide Range of Peel, Form & Stick

Enjoy luxurious looking surfaces quickly and impress with designer level creations. The voluptuous, sensation emitting colors in this range compliment any space looking for that exotic, rich look.

Achieve that ‘wow’ factor from these refined leather adhesive films installed by CoolVu.

  • Animal friendly
  • Cost effective alternative to hides
  • Resurface commercial space overnight
  • Eco friendly and landfill positive
  • Lounges, chair backrests, cabinet doors, table round tops

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Google Rating
Based on 737 reviews
Google Rating
Based on 737 reviews