Perforated Window Film

Perforated window film, or ‘window perf’ is a printable vinyl material with tiny holes throughout and commonly referred to as ‘one way vinyl or one way vision film.

Perforated One Way Vision Film

Designed primarily for retail storefronts and other businesses, “window perf” is a dynamic material that’s well suited to add design, promotion, and privacy to any window or door glass.

Exterior installed, this ‘one-way vision’ material is printable and allows for either permanent or semi-permanent messaging for your brand.

From the interior, viewing out is still enabled while sun glare and UV reduction offered by the product are also benefits to the application. 

  • Exterior glass mounted branding vinyl
  • One-way vision through glass
  • Permanent and temporary solutions 
  • Maintain privacy while keeping the interior view
  • Storefront, retail, restaurant & small business promotions 


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Google Rating
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Google Rating
Based on 758 reviews