Privacy Cloaking Film Installation

Keep your sensitive data private. Commonly used as an architectural film for glass walls and office windows, cloaking film is designed to obscure computer monitors and digital screens to outside view.

Privacy Cloaking Film Installation

The primary benefit of cloaking film is that it adds an invisible layer of privacy against screens, helping protect sensitive data and confidential information in open office environments.

In turn, cloaking window film is ideal for governmental agencies, healthcare facilities, and corporate offices with large windows and glass walls.

Clear Projection Screen Film

CoolVu can transform any glass surface into a transparent display screen. When cast upon with a projector, the film shows full-color and high-definition images and videos with limited haze with no tint.

Transparent display screen film is a powerful innovation that turns regular glass windows and walls into fully transparent display screens that only show the image of a projected light source.

Conversely, ambient light from natural sunlight makes the film invisible and otherwise undetectable to the naked eye.

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