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Ceramic Window Film

CoolVu’s Ceramic window films can block up to 50% of the sun’s heat, keeping views clear and interiors cooler and more comfortable.

Ceramic Window Film for Solar Control

CoolVu offers customers both traditional ‘single’ and advanced ‘dual-layer’ ceramic window films for impressive solar control.

CoolVu’s Signature Ceramic window film utilizes a single layer of ceramic nanoparticles designed for home and building glass in need of clear viewing, 99% UV blocking, and impressive sun glare blocking.

Powerful Solar Heat Rejection +
UV Blocking Window Film

For maximum heat blocking, CoolVu’s “TiN” dual-layer ceramic window film series is constructed with two layers of titanium nitride (TiN) ceramic nanoparticles, creating the richest looking and highest performing ceramic window film in the world.

  • Static Film Technology (Non-transitioning) 
  • Single or Dual Layer Ceramic Construction 
  • Highest Heat Control (TiN) 
  • Maximum Visual Clarity
  • 99.9% UV Block   


CoolVu window film installation van


Google Rating
Based on 737 reviews