Architectural Finishes

Renovate and refresh any surface with any one of hundreds of our ‘peel, form and stick’ architectural finishes now available from CoolVu.

Eco-Friendly Natural Finishes

Renovate your interior space in style. Transform the ordinary into the extraordinary with European inspired wood grain, stone, metallic or matte finishes while keeping existing building materials out of the landfill.

The opportunity to update your walls, cabinets, furnishings, and interior fixtures swiftly and economically is now endless.

Fusion Films

Marry the ordinary with an extraordinary surface film for mind blowing results. Design with luxurious looking resurfacing products quickly and at budget that impresses your pocketbook and improves your project managers bottom line.

  • Improve appearance of existing furnishings
  • Cost effective fixture upgrade
  • Resurface commercial spaces overnight
  • Promote sustainable building design
  • Thermoformable material for columns & round edges
  • Cabinets, walls, elevators, doors, fixtures, furniture

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