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Home & Business Window Tinting in Las Vegas, NV

The finest choice for window film installations and window tinting in Las Vegas, NV.

Las Vegas, NV Window Film

At CoolVu, we provide top-quality window tinting in Las Vegas, NV. As an independently operated business, we have access to the national network while understanding the local needs of the greater area.

In Las Vegas, NV, window film security is no joke. Our anti-smash and grab window film prevent burglary and unwanted theft, increasing the protection of your building in a city known for its high crime rate. Beyond security, window tinting and window film in Las Vegas, NV helps reduce your building’s carbon footprint, minimizing the extreme heat and sun while increasing protection. Schedule your FREE consultation today!

CoolVu Las Vegas, NV Window Film Installations

CoolVu professional installations bring high-quality safety window film to Las Vegas, NV residents. Our team offers several years of experience and will work to understand exactly what your building needs, improving security while utilizing window film and window tint to reduce excessive heat.

Window film in Las Vegas, NV is effective in handling Nevada’s hot summers. When heat waves come, the window film minimizes the impact of sunlight to keep the building temperature cool.

The #1 Installers in Las Vegas, NV

No job is too big or too small. We’ve worked with residential and commercial property owners, understanding what they need from the beginning. Schedule your complimentary consultation, and we guarantee that our team will help make your investment last.

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Google Rating
Based on 758 reviews