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Dallas, TX Commercial Security Window Film

Protecting homes and businesses across the Dallas metro area.

Dallas Security Window Film

With CoolVu’s state-of-the-art security window film, our Dallas clients sleep better at night knowing that their properties are less prone to break-ins or burglary attempts. We pride ourselves in providing peace of mind to the many residential and commercial property owners across Little Elm, Colony, and the entire Dallas metro area.

Contact CoolVu for a complimentary consultation and find out how retrofit installations of our security window film can discourage forced entry into your property. We offer a range of security window film solutions by thickness.

  • Anti-smash and grab protection
  • Prevents vandalism and theft
  • Applicable in residential, commercial, or campus settings
  • Mitigates the risk of unwanted entry

CoolVu Dallas Security Window Film Installations

CoolVu security window film installations have undoubtedly played a role in making Dallas a safer place. Upon installation on the interior of existing window or door glass, security film creates an additional barrier of protection against invasion and natural disasters. CoolVu’s ‘clear shield’ retrofit solutions will strengthen your glass from such attacks, ensuring greater security of your home or office.

The #1 Installers in Dallas

During your complimentary consultation, the CoolVu team informs you of all your security window film options before proceeding with installation. We have security window film available in multiple thicknesses, from 2 – 23 mil. CoolVu also offers tinted privacy and solar versions of security window film for purchase. Our team has diverse window film installation experience, including both decorative and security window film.

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