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Dallas, TX Commercial Privacy & Frosted Window Film

Serving privacy-seeking property owners across Dallas.

Dallas Privacy Film

As part of the CoolVu national network, our independently run Dallas franchise proudly provides privacy to residents in Colony, Little Elm, and beyond.

To learn more on how CoolVu can transform your home or office into a privacy haven, give passersby less to look at, and make your property feel more secure, request a FREE consultation with our team of certified installers.

  • Custom-tailored privacy that is pleasing to the eye
  • Vast selection of design options, from temporary to semi-permanent
  • Light-diffusing or opaque variations
  • Solid colors, fabric, gradation, or patterns

CoolVu Dallas Privacy Window Film Installations

CoolVu’s privacy window film installations have much to offer in addition to privacy, from enhanced natural lighting to stylish property aesthetics.

CoolVu’s designer privacy film solutions provide a great deal of versatility, making it the perfect addition to bathrooms, garage windows, front entryways, basements, and shower glass doors.

Our team only uses the best materials for products to create the privacy you need. With multiple variations of frosted privacy film and glass finish options to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find window film options that fit your style.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

CoolVu plans and executes installation projects from concept to completion. You can count on us to successfully navigate you through the design, building, and installation stages of your window film project. Take the first step to privacy-proofing your property with a complimentary consultation.

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