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Security & Safety Window Film in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte’s go-to security film installers.

Charlotte Security Window Film

With CoolVu’s top-tier security film solutions, you can more effectively safeguard your property from theft, prying eyes, and impact from natural disasters.

Hire licensed and certified technicians for your security film installation.

  • Break-in and bullet-proof
  • Blocks harmful UV damage
  • Available in multiple tints and thicknesses
  • Makes it 10x harder for intruders to break in
  • Reduces glare while preserving natural light

CoolVu Charlotte Security Window Film Installations

Whether you want to protect lives, your home’s valuables, or business’s assets, CoolVu’s security window film solutions are a suitable investment for both.

Security films are an even greater investment for high-risk environments like large corporations and government facilities with top-secret information. Furthermore, our premium films can prevent school shootings or intruders from breaking and entering.

An install from CoolVu is a long-lasting investment. We proudly deliver impeccable window film applications using top-grade materials.

Charlotte’s #1 Safety Film Technicians

There’s no greater choice in the area for a security film install than CoolVu. Our installation experts have a reputation for excellent craftsmanship and above-and-beyond service.

Our local window film installers are always ready to serve you!

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Google Rating
Based on 758 reviews