Why Interior Designers Recommend CoolVu Window Films to Protect Against Furniture Fade

December 26, 2022

As an interior designer, it is important to select high-quality materials and finishes that will stand the test of time and maintain their beauty for years to come. However, the harsh rays of the sun can cause premature fading of furniture, hardwoods, and other finishes, which can be a major concern for designers and their clients. That’s where CoolVu window films can come in.

CoolVu is a premium brand of window film that specializes in providing energy-efficient, UV-blocking solutions for commercial and residential properties. CoolVu’s national network of trained sales and installation partners ensures quality across the entire US and a resource for designers to call on wherever needed.

Here are some reasons why interior designers might choose CoolVu window films to protect their clients’ furniture and hardwoods from premature sun fading:

UV protection: CoolVu window films are specifically designed to block out the harmful UV rays that can cause fading of furniture, hardwoods, and other finishes. Some CoolVu films can block up to 99% of UV rays, which can significantly reduce the risk of premature fading.

How does the Sun’s UV rays work to breakdown fabrics and other valuables?

The sun’s UV rays are a type of electromagnetic radiation that is emitted by the sun and is present in sunlight. UV rays can cause damage to a variety of materials, including fabrics and other valuables, through a process called photodegradation.

Photodegradation is the breakdown of a material due to exposure to UV radiation. When UV rays strike a material, they can cause the molecules in the material to break down and change chemically. This can cause the material to weaken, fade, or disintegrate over time.

UV rays can cause particularly significant damage to fabrics and other valuables because they can penetrate deep into the fibers of the material. This can lead to fading, discoloration, and deterioration of the fabric, which can significantly reduce its lifespan and aesthetic appeal.

There are several factors that can influence the extent to which UV rays can damage fabrics and other valuables. These include the intensity of the UV radiation, the length of time the material is exposed to the UV rays, and the type of material itself. Some materials are more resistant to UV damage than others, so it is important to consider these factors when selecting materials for use in areas with high levels of UV radiation.

To protect fabrics and other valuables from UV damage, it is important to limit their exposure to direct sunlight or to use protective measures such as window film or UV-blocking window treatments. This can help to reduce the risk of photo-degradation and extend the lifespan of the materials.

Additional Benefits of CoolVu Window Films Valued by Interior Designers

Energy efficiency: In addition to protecting against fading, CoolVu window films can also help to keep a building cooler by blocking out the sun’s heat. This can reduce the need for air conditioning and lower energy costs, which can be a major benefit for clients who are looking to save on energy expenses.

Durability: CoolVu window films are made from high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the elements and maintain their performance over time. They are also backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, which can provide added peace of mind for clients.

Aesthetic appeal: CoolVu window films come in a range of styles and finishes, including mirrored, reflective, and decorative films. This can give designers the flexibility to choose a film that complements the overall design aesthetic of a space. An additional benefit is the fact that these films can be removed when needed.

Professional installation: CoolVu window films are installed by trained professionals who are experienced in handling and installing window film products. This can help to ensure a smooth and seamless installation process, with minimal disruption to the client’s home or business. CoolVu installers are trained by the industry’s best and operate above the IWFA standards for professional window film installation.

In conclusion, CoolVu window films can be an excellent choice for interior designers looking to protect their clients’ furniture and hardwoods from premature sun fading. With their UV-blocking capabilities, energy-efficient performance, durability, and aesthetic appeal, CoolVu window films can help to preserve the beauty of a space and provide long-lasting value for clients.

CoolVu’s national network of franchise partners are ready to assist you in choosing which CoolVu window film product is best for your home or business window tinting needs. Our local CoolVu pros are dedicated to bringing their communities the most cost-effective, cutting-edge energy and security solutions available at a fair price and delivered to you in a hassle free manner.

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