Security Window Film Installation Reinforces Vulnerable Glass Entry Points

December 21, 2022

Everyone from homeowners to facility managers has a core responsibility to provide a secure space for visitors and employees alike. Fortunately, there are easy to implement glass security solutions available from the commercial and residential window film experts at CoolVu to help with this critical mandate to keep people safe when visiting your home or building.

Glass doors are generally the most common entryway for most buildings, but they can also be the weakest link in building security. Due to their fragile nature, glass doors offer easy access for burglars, gunmen, and looters looking to gain forced entry into an unsecured environment. To protect your people and assets from intruders and ensure a safe environment, it’s important to invest in high-quality retrofit glass security solutions that can provide both physical and visual protection. Retrofit solutions from CoolVu window films are available in multiple degrees of impact and forced entry resistance and are custom designed to meet your budget and threat levels.

Glass security is an important issue to consider when it comes to safety and entryways. Glass windows and doors, while aesthetically pleasing, can be the most vulnerable points of entry for criminals and other threats. To ensure that their properties are protected, many businesses, schools, homes and residential spaces install reinforced glass security systems, such as Defenselite to help protect against these potential risks.

Unfortunately, without security film or DefenseLite installed, glass doors offer little protection against unwanted entry, as they are often easy to break – even under light attack. Although glass – such as tempered or heat strengthened – is designed to withstand everyday light forces and smaller impacts, it remains generally weak when faced with intentional attempts of forced entry by motivated criminals. Therefore, it is important to consider other retrofit glass security measures to protect against unauthorized access when installing glass doors or retrofitting existing glass doors and windows.

In today’s increasingly brazen criminal environmental, glass security iis a critical issue for many businesses and homes that were once considered safe and not subject to forced entry attack. Home invasion in particular is in alarming trend that requires homeowners to look at glass security through a whole new lens. This is why CoolVu offers a range of solutions, such as security film, DefenseLite polycarbonate panels or retrofit bullet-resistant polycarbonate security shields that can be installed on virtually any type of glass window or door. Security film helps provide an extra layer of protection against burglars and other threats, making it a cost-effective investment. Other options are also available that ensure optimal protection for glass doors in various applications.

Our most common solution – CoolVu safety and security film – is an adhesive backed, thin layer of heavy gauge plastic that helps provide an extra layer of protection against burglars and other threats, making it the most cost-effective investment. Other more advanced security options are available that ensure optimal protection for glass doors in various applications and can be customized based on your existing conditions by a well trained CoolVu professional.

CoolVu security window films are an economical option to help protect against any threats that may exist, among other solutions we offer. In this post you’ll learn more about the various benefits of these security window films and how they can be applied to different types of glass doors and windows for enhanced protection.

Reinforced Security Doors & Windows

Security window film is becoming increasingly popular in educational institutions looking to protect the safety of students and faculty. By adhering to glass doors, these types of films offer a secure layer in order to prevent unwanted entry from potential intruders. With school shootings being an unfortunate recurrence in the news, more and more schools are investing in this kind of protection as a viable solution to help keep their campuses safer from active shooters.

Keeping the Bad Guys Outside

The safety and security of students and faculty in schools has become a major concern over the past decade, due to the increasing reports of school shootings. Many educational institutions are seeking ways to deter such tragedies from occurring. Fortunately for physical security specialists, there are effective solutions available that help slow and deter attackers while giving first responders more time to respond to these kinetic events.

Well documented, a key to minimizing loss in these terrible events is to keep the attacker on the exterior of the building. Security window film is one possible solution that is widely recommended for glass doorways and vision glass, as it helps to restrict unwanted access and limits intrusive attempts into school buildings.

New testing standards help school administration and other stakeholders become better informed of effective strategies when choosing to improve glass security. Learn about the new NGA ASTM International standard test method for forced entry resistance of fenestration systems before investing in any glass security system.

Grants, to help pay or offset installation costs, are now available for schools across the United States that are looking to harden their perimeters. CoolVu professionals are equipped to support you in grant narrative writing to help you access the monies needed to retrofit your school system with these glass security systems.

Smash and Grab Prevention

Smash and grab burglaries are a major problem for retail stores, particularly during times of civil unrest when looting and vandalism upticks. Fortunately, there are glass security solutions that are both cost-effective and effective in preventing these occurrences that lead to brand damage and loss of inventory. To protect against these threats, many businesses are investing in retrofit glass security films on their storefront glass doors and windows. They act as a barrier that intensifies the strength of the store’s glass doors, making them resistant to break-ins and looting attempts. Enhanced solutions like DefenseLite are also available for a retrofit onto older building glass experiencing new threats in today’s more volatile environment.

Residential Security Window Film

With CoolVu residential security window films, homeowners can protect their loved ones with a simple, affordable glass security solution. Whether used on sliding glass doors or at a condo or apartment building’s main entrance, these thicker security window films act as an added form of protection that all occupants can appreciate. Applied on the interior surface of your existing glass, security films will help slow down and deter forced entry into your home or building. Security window films will buy you the critical time needed to respond to threats and provide building occupants the peace of mind they deserve.

Servicing all 50 US states, CoolVu is your go-to provider for security film and privacy window film installation. Our expert technicians will help you choose the perfect solution for your home, business or campus, guaranteeing top-notch protection and enhanced privacy. Get in touch today by calling 844-426-6588 or sending us a message online.

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