CoolVu® Window Film Announces Performance Films and Coatings International as Exclusive Worldwide Distributor

September 12, 2022

FutureVu Brands Inc. and Coating Solutions Group LLC invest in a new joint venture company creating Performance Films and Coatings International LLC (PFCI), a full-service window film supplier and distributor, focusing on value added window film products and specialty coatings serving the architectural segment. Performance Films and Coatings Int (PFCI) will be the exclusive worldwide distributor of CoolVu Architectural Films and will bring additional products and brands to our customer base addressing solutions for the safety, security, anti-graffiti and surface protection.

Under the leadership of Managing Director Lawrence Constantine, PFCI will develop and support national and regional distribution partners as its primary growth engine. Operations of the new entity will begin September 2022.

About Coating Solutions Group

Founded in 2018 by Lawrence Constantin, former Saint-Gobain Solar Gard executive, Coating Solutions group focuses on industrial and retail coatings, product development, board advisory and M&A consultancy.

About CoolVu

CoolVu Glass and Surface Solutions for architectural applications include a complete range of value-add products—from transitional window films to material surface finishes.

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