Heat Reducing Window Films: Why They’re Important

December 9, 2022

Energy costs are escalating. Global warming trends are unrelenting. Architects and design build firms are creating with more expansive glass in their structures to maximize the benefits of natural light. Fortunately, there’s an easy upgrade that helps maximize natural light and keep you cool while controlling utility bill and carbon costs. CoolVu energy and heat control window film solutions are the perfect materials to keep your environment on the cutting edge of design, energy conservation and sustainability.

The first commercially available heat-reducing window film was developed in the early 1970s by DuPont. It was designed to reduce solar heat gain through the use of a reflective silver coating on the outside of the glass. This type of film is commonly referred to as solar control or Low-E (low emissivity) window film.

CoolVu Heat Reducing Window Film ROI & Energy Savings

Heat reducing window film is used on storefronts, curtain walls and windows and doors to reduce the amount of solar heat entering a home, retail storefront or building through the glass. This retrofit window film works by reflecting some of the sunlight and infrared radiation back out of the built structure, thus lowering the temperature inside. The film is made up of layers of polyester material sandwiched between two sheets of optically clear plastic. The first layer reflects infrared light, which is invisible to the human eye, while the second layer absorbs a degree of visible sunlight to help control glare. This combination allows the film to reflect up to 80% of the incoming solar energy, lowering interior temperatures. This reduces the need for air conditioning demand, which saves money and lowers carbon emissions.

Today’s spectrally selective heat reducing window film is engineered with treated thin layers of film embedded with nano-ceramics that are designed to block the sun’s ultraviolet and infrared rays. While these sun control films can effectively reduce heat gain, they also deflect UV rays that can discolor and fade interior furnishings and upholstery over the course of time. CoolVu heat control window films will block out 99% of the UV radiation transmitting down from the sun helping you avoid the negative impact of this harmful radiation.

Heat control window films from CoolVu are a great way to save money on your home and business heating and cooling bill. They help keep out unwanted UV radiation while reducing heat gain and glare. The average homeowner spends about $1,000 per year on cooling costs alone. By installing a high-quality window film, you could potentially cut those costs down significantly while enjoying the additional benefits of glare and UV control. Most heat control window film installations will pay for themselves within 3-5 years from application.

Other Benefits of Heat Reducing Window Film

The heat reduction properties of heat-control films make them ideal for use in both residential and commercial applications. These solar control films are designed to reduce the amount of heat entering through windows while maintaining the clarity of vision allowing occupants to enjoy the benefits of natural light while keeping their home or business cooler during the warmer months.

Solar control and Low-E film reflects infrared radiation while allowing visible light through making Low-E film ideal for use in areas where there is a lot of sunlight, like Florida, California, Arizona, Texas, and Hawaii. CoolVu Low-E window films are also great for homes located in colder climates because it helps prevent heat loss in the winter while keeping heat out during the summer.

If you’re considering working with a professional installer or contractor who specializes in solar heat control window film, call CoolVu with franchise partners located throughout the USA. Interested in learning more about heat reducing window film and installation? Contact us at CoolVu for more information, a free on location assessment or to request a quote for your project.

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