Why You Should Consider Residential Window Film

January 31, 2023

When you think house window tint, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? We’re willing to guess it’s not residential window film, but it should be! Residential window tint has financial, safety, and health benefits.

We’re going to go over the benefits of home window tinting. Discover how the decision to tint your windows at home might be the best upgrade you can make.

Why Tint Your Home Windows

There are both practical and cosmetic reasons to consider window tint films for your home, including:

  • Save energy – reduce solar heat gain. Keeps the heat outside versus passive solar films for cold climates that serve to keep heat inside.
  • Greater indoor comfort – energy efficient glass doors and windows result in a more comfortable living environment.
  • Curb appeal – window film can give your home a fresh new look adding value while complementing the exterior.
  • Privacy – a variety of film tints, including privacy films, make it difficult for people to view inside your home. Ideal for urban settings.
  • Security – films are available to make your windows more smash-resistant, adding protection against natural weather events and forced intrusion.
  • Minimize glare – relieves the glare inside your home regardless of the sun’s positioning.
  • Protecting assets – Prevents damage to furniture, draperies, rugs, and other valuables caused by prolonged exposure to the sun

Residential Window Films & Energy Efficiency

Your home’s windows were installed to meet the building code requirements at the time the home was built. If you’re in an older home, your windows might be underperforming. Code requirements are reviewed and updated periodically and have become more stringent over time.

Even if your home was built to current code requirements, other things can impact the performance of your windows. For instance, the direction your home faces and how it receives light. It may be that you only need window tinting on one elevation based on the facing of that elevation.

And to that end, retrofitting windows with premium window film solutions is much more cost-effective than replacing your existing windows. Window replacement can run anywhere from $450 to $960 or more per window. Residential window film can ensure your windows are performing according to current code standards while providing additional benefits.

House Window Tint Options

There is a broad range of window film options available in today’s market. Traditional window films come in a variety of tints and can be highly effective in addressing the end user’s greatest concern. On a more advanced level, homeowners can opt for transitional window film. This film which will adapt as needed to the amount of sunlight that is on the glass.

There are even smart film options, made possible by switchable liquid crystal film technology. These films alter the amount of light transmitted through the glass when triggered by an electrical current. As such, it can appear opaque, transparent, or translucent, depending on the occasion—on demand.

Traditional Window Film vs. Transitional Window Film

Regardless of style or specification, all traditional window films will have one thing in common—it’s static. It will not adjust its performance to correspond with the weather. CoolVu Transitional Window Film is dynamic, utilizing a patented photochromatic interlayer to interact with the environment.

In other words, if it’s cloudy out, or if the sun has set for the day, the film remains clear. If the sun is out, transitional window film will adapt to the intensity of the light and heat hitting your doors and windows. This is the world’s first stable climate-responsive window film, providing a more fluid, reactive experience.

So, can you tint your house windows? The answer is yes. And just as there is a range of styles with varying benefits to choose from, there are also many providers. It is important to find an experienced company with well-trained installers to ensure quality materials and workmanship.

For consistent quality, customization options, and expert guidance, find the CoolVu Glass & Surface Solutions location nearest you. Our professionals are here to answer your questions and ensure you find the solution that best meets your needs.

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