Liquid Crystal Smart Glass Film

Turn windows into smart glass with CoolVu Switchable, a liquid crystal film that enables users to turn glass from transparent to varying degrees of opaque on demand.

Ideal for offices and commercial spaces, retail, healthcare, residential, and various other applications, CoolVu Switchable is a smart window film treatment that provides turnkey privacy, solar control, custom shading, and transparent displays in spaces that matter most.

Taking the idea of smart glass windows to the next level, CoolVu Switchable liquid crystal film technology is defining the next generation of evolved glass. Not only does this unique smart film provide switchable privacy capabilities, but added benefits in solar and temperature control help save on energy costs in fluctuating environments.

As an established leader and innovator in nanotechnology for light control, CoolVu Switchable smart window film is supported by rigorous research and development, limitless production capabilities, and an international presence all over the globe.

Inside CoolVu Switchable Liquid Crystal Film Technology

CoolVu Switchable has a reputation for offering the widest variety of liquid crystal film products designed to create smart glass for both outdoor windows and indoor partitions. In its very essence, these liquid crystal smart glass technologies alter the amount of light transmitted by commonly transparent materials, such as glass, allowing these materials to appear as opaque, translucent, or transparent.

These liquid crystal smart films are laminated into or retrofitted onto glass and transparent materials to turn typical interiors and exteriors in controllable smart glass. These technologies help resolve conflicting design and functional demands by balancing the benefits of natural light and open floor plans with the need for privacy and energy savings.

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Industry-Advanced Smart Glass Windows & Partitions

Not only does CoolVu Switchable liquid crystal film block 99% of UV rays and the temperature swings that may result, but customers can create custom smart glass windows and partitions with many different product variations.

White – White liquid crystal film delivers a clean, natural, and aesthetically-pleasing smart glass solution, enabling privacy when needed and an open, collaborative environment when desired.

Dark – Dark liquid crystal films support advanced architectural and interior design plans and can be integrated across various applications, including automotive and aeronautics.

High Temp – Designed to handle dramatic temperature ranges of -30°C to +90°C, outdoor-grade high-temperature smart window film maintains full optical and mechanical performance in areas of high seasonality.

Solar – With the ability to reflect up to 86% of infrared light and block 99% of ultraviolet rays, temperatures within a space can be reduced by up to 15°C, making buildings significantly more energy-efficient.

Patterns – Laser patterning allows for on-demand blinds as well as custom designs for dynamic and sophisticated privacy and light-control solution that replaces traditional shutters.

Vizio – As CoolVu Switchable liquid crystal film switches from transparent to opaque, glass becomes a suitable backdrop for high-definition visual displays.

All of CoolVu Switchable products are easy to use and maintain. Not only can the smart glass film turn from opaque to transparent (and vice versa) in less than 0.1 seconds, but they can be cleaned just like any ordinary glass, with a soft cloth and glass cleaner.

Leverage some of the industry’s leading technology in switchable, smart glass film technology. Let CoolVu help you source and install CoolVu Switchable liquid crystal window film.