CoolVu Premium Window Films are designed with the intent of maximizing daylighting for the built environment.

Nighttime Viewing

CoolVu Premium Window Films are engineered to provide subtle privacy by reflecting visible light outward when exposed to direct sunlight. Our films are darker on the outside in the daytime and remain clear at night. CoolVu is unique in that it provides maximum daytime privacy but appear invisible on the glass at night maintaining your views to the outside world.

Fade Protection

CoolVu Premium Window Films selectively filters solar energy, blocking out 99.9% of the sun’s most damaging UV radiation while letting through safe sunlight.

Prolong the life of furnishings, paintings, wall coverings and hardwoods.

Under intense sunlight, CoolVu blocks out more visible light, giving unparalleled fade protection compared to static window tints.

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Lower Energy Costs

CoolVu Premium Window Films can block up to 50% of the sun’s heat, keeping buildings and homes cooler and more comfortable. Assuming proper ventilation, room temperatures can decrease by up to 10 degrees. Most film installations pay for themselves in energy savings within 3-5 years – even when installed on Low-e glass. More cost effective than installing new windows.


Prolonged exposure to sunlight can lead to skin cancer and vision problems. Window films are recommended by both the American Skin Cancer Association & dermatologists as effective UV protection. Homeowners with sensitivities to solar exposure benefit by the mitigation of premature aging, sun spotting and excessive eyestrain from intense sun glare.


Window films protect your family from the suns damaging rays by blocking 99% of UVA and UVB while making your glass shatter resistant.

Improve comfort by preventing eye strain and excessive light pollution.

By blocking the suns heat coming through windows, window films lower cooling costs, conserving energy while saving you money.

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